I firmly believe in our ability to heal, when given the right support and guidance. Sometimes that can be as simple as listening, or affirming beliefs already held, whereas other times, stronger intervention and new perspectives are required.

Let me give you the tools you need to deal with any situation, in a calmer, more productive and positive way. I have been practicing as a qualified Counsellor, CBT and Cuddle Therapist since 2015, and as an EMDR practitioner since 2022. I garner immense satisfaction in knowing I have helped people overcome their issues and enrich their lives.

Open-minded, open-water swimming, talk and touch therapist.

OADCBT, CPI Certified

I have always been drawn to and soothed by water, such as the sea, or lakes and rivers. There’s something incredibly reassuring about the perspective it gives you. The ability to consider how small my problems seem, in relation to the magnitude of an expanse of water, is something that has brought me much comfort over the years. As such, I am now a huge advocate of Open Water Swimming and Cold Water Therapy.

Having struggled for many years with unrelenting nerve pain, the ability to submerge myself in cold water has brought huge relief to me. Much more than just the reduced inflammation physically, I discovered the immense benefits it can bring to mental well-being. Shown to drastically reduce Anxiety, Stress, & Depression, Open Water Swimming is nature’s way of healing us. I am qualified with the well-known charity Mind, in Mental Health Awareness for Sports and Physical Activity, and also host Mental Health Swims, due to my firm belief in the power of them.

This quote from the founder of Mental Health Swims, Rachel Ashe, encompasses the values.

“We believe in empowering everyone – people of all skin colours, body shapes, ages, sexualities, genders, backgrounds and abilities to enjoy the healing power of cold water and community. Join us for a chat on the beach, a litter pick, a paddle or a swim in the shallows. We are an easy-going group that prefers short dips to long distances and puts companionship before competitive swimming.”

Find out more about Mental Health Swims here

Face to Face, Online & Telephone

I offer my services both physically and virtually. Touch Therapies are face to face sessions, delivered in a safe, relaxed space within my home. Spoken therapies can be face to face, online and by phone. Take the first step and get in touch.


I’ve recently started EMDR with Natasha, finally feeling confident that I can start to work though trauma with someone by my side. Natasha has given me the tools to be able to tap into my safe space in my mind so that when I am feeling overwhelmed and panicked I am able to cope. For the first time in a long time I feel hopeful for my future, and that is all thanks to Natasha.

So balanced and honest and warm… thank you so much

I have been around Natasha whilst I’ve been in a very vulnberable state and she was nothing but calm, balanced, honest, caring and warm. It’s who she is as a person as she recognises the gravity of helping people during their most vulnerable time and does not take the reposbility lightly.  I’m so glad she chooses to help other people.

Trusting Natasha to help me is the best decision I’ve ever made.

I reached out to Natasha when I was at a very dark point in my life. Having previously struggled to engage with any kind of therapy and being nervous to let my guard down, I was apprehensive about trusting someone new. But trusting Natasha to me is the best decision I’ve ever made. From our first session, Natasha has made me feel completely at ease. Cuddle therapy has become by safe space; with Natasha, I feel safe, cared for, and comfortable to express my emotions. I’ve been able to make positive changes to my life and I couldn’t have done it without her ongoing support.

She greeted me with a hug, just like an old friend.

I recently visited Natasha for a 90 minute appointment, this was my second appointment with Natasha but the gap was way too long, extended of course by Covid and other obstacles, it was so good to see her again.

Natasha is a very warm, open and generous human being, she greeted me with a hug, just like an old friend, it was a lovely start to our session.

After a quick change into something more comfortable, I had taken a pair of lounge pants and a tee shirt to change into, we went into her very comfortable lounge and we settled down on the couch, it was so nice and comfortable to be close to Natasha’s warmth, snuggling was so cosy and relaxing, it was exactly what I needed. The time, as usual, seem to fly by, planning to visit again but sooner rather than later this time.

Her pricing is reasonable and affordable.

So I sought out Natasha as a private therapist as I was let down so many times by the NHS. It was good to learn her pricing is reasonable and affordable. The sessions with Natasha have proved so valuable to me with the knowledge she has. I fully recommend her and am grateful for her sessions.

Natasha helped bring a sense of calm back into my life.

Suffering with depression and anxiety was such an isolating feeling for me. I constantly felt unsafe, vulnerable and low. Seeing Natasha helped bring a sense of calm back into my life. She created a safe space free of any judgement where I could share my thoughts and feel heard, seen and present again. A large part of my recovery grew from that feeling and I can’t speak highly enough of Natasha.

Whether I needed a long silent hug, a download of my thoughts and feelings, a chance to escape or even a more general chat, Natasha was always there. Not having to worry about the mood I was in, or how bad my symptoms were, allowed me to talk and share more openly and freely. Natasha is not only a great listener but she also talks from a place of genuine care and I could really feel that in my sessions. Since seeing Natasha I have become a much more open person who is less afraid to talk about myself and my struggles with mental health.

A brilliant listener…

Natasha is kind, wise and a brilliant listener. She is really skilled in analysing the words being spoken and validating, and explaining, emotions. I rate her very highly and would recommend her to anyone.

An absence of awkwardness from the start…

I would have no hesitation in recommending Natasha. She takes the time to explain how the cuddle therapy works, and ensures that there is an absence of awkwardness from the start. Natasha demonstrates a deep understanding of a variety of life experiences, and how to assist clients in dealing with those experiences. She presents a non-judgemental approach and demonstrates a high level of empathy. These enable the client to quickly trust Natasha and feel safe in sharing their situation with her.

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